Saturday, April 12, 2014

Other Free Books By Ahmad Amani

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1- Math City on Smashwords:

On Amazon:

A part of Math City:
To all dear numbers of the city:

Beware! A minus, called Lying Line, is prowling about. Stay away from him! You will change to zero if he should find you! Oh yes, being zero is equal to your death. This minus is armed with cold and hot weapons, including a sharp knife and a loaded gun!

2- Our Grandparents' Last War:

A Part of the book:
Our Grandparents' Last War is a book about woolly creatures who rolled on the earth. They like to eat everything that they see on the earth.

Our Grandparents' Last War hope that it makes you think, while you enjoy it.

3- Big Fish:

A Part of the book:
Big Fish had a big friend. They could speak and laugh together. In the sky, Big Fish could see anything on the earth, and it saw that its ocean was only a part of the earth, not all of the world.

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