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I can fly...

Interview With Fantasy Author Ahmad Amani
By Brian Feinblum

1.      What type of books do you write? Fantasy style is so important to me, and I like to write my story in this style. I think fantasy is a major influence on the people. In fantasy, you never have to point out or criticize anybody or any certain culture. I never like to point at a certain culture because all cultures have some strong points and some weak.  Therefore, through fantasy, we can challenge cultures to reach peace.

2.      What is your newest book about? "My Grandparents' Last War" is a book about woolly creatures who like to eat everything that they see on the earth.  The human have always fought for his(her) willing. The human could always be successful in wars because the human use your mind, but another creature do not have important thing. The human was possible that she(he) fail against other creature -Like a lion- if they do not have thinking, therefore we are not a best fighter! we are not king of the world! because the lions can become king of us if we have not thinking in our mind, like other animals! Every day we create so many opinions, books, films, like this: I am fighter or I would like to fight for my willing or I am warrior who want to fight for beloved person or things or...But I am not a warrior or fighter, I am a creature called human who like to live on the earth! "My Grandparents' Last War" is a book about it, but in new style and with illustration. The book is free on smashwords (

3.      What inspired you to write it? Militancy and egoism of human. Unfortunately, the egoism is so powerful in the third world. At least,  a modern human have many things which he(she) can take pride in offering the best service in the world. But, the human of third world do not has anything; but, he(she) glory his(her) last or her(his) culture. An old culture which do not has anything except egoism and militancy. The modern culture has egoism and military, too; but, a powerful critique is in the modern culture that this powerful critique continually criticize the egoism and militancy in its own inside. But, The culture of third world say that you can criticize me, but only that critique confirm me; this is helpful, constructive critique. Except this, you are a traitor.

4.      What is the writing process like for you? Like a dream, I like to sleep and see my dreams. Dream is so important and enjoyable to me. I could fly in my dreams. One, I flew in the sky of my city, I wanted to fly beyond my city up into the mountain, but I feared from getting lost my way to my home, and came back to my home, but next time... I have so many experience like this dream in my dreams. Writing a book is a process like my dreams; now, I think that I see a dream and speak with you. In fact, the real life is so hard and painful to me, and my real life is not never like my dreams, but my books try to show my real, painful life and my dreams.

5.      What did you do before you became an author? A peddler, A worker, dyer, Journalist and now an author who cannot speak and write about the painful life and sweet dreams in his country.  I am from the Middle East, the world of to be or not to be, where the third way -- at least, for now -- is not for mankind.

6.      How does it feel to be a published author? The feel is so sweet, like all of dreams in the world.

7.      Any advice for struggling writers? Only that you read and read and write. I hope that books make you think, while you enjoy it.

8.      Where do you see book publishing heading? I think that E-book is the biggest discovery in the 21th century. I cannot understand why we have still cut the trees for book and magazine or print works. That is so painful: for creating a better world with books, we have still destroy trees.

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Other Free Books By Ahmad Amani

Free On

1- Math City on Smashwords:

On Amazon:

A part of Math City:
To all dear numbers of the city:

Beware! A minus, called Lying Line, is prowling about. Stay away from him! You will change to zero if he should find you! Oh yes, being zero is equal to your death. This minus is armed with cold and hot weapons, including a sharp knife and a loaded gun!

2- Our Grandparents' Last War:

A Part of the book:
Our Grandparents' Last War is a book about woolly creatures who rolled on the earth. They like to eat everything that they see on the earth.

Our Grandparents' Last War hope that it makes you think, while you enjoy it.

3- Big Fish:

A Part of the book:
Big Fish had a big friend. They could speak and laugh together. In the sky, Big Fish could see anything on the earth, and it saw that its ocean was only a part of the earth, not all of the world.

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مەرگی کاریزما

مەرگی کاریزما؛ یەکیەتی وەک نموونە

بڕواناکەم پێویست بکات، باس لە مێژووی کاری جەماوەری لە کوردەواریدا بکەین کە چۆن دەنگی لێکترازاوی نێو خۆی سڕیوەتەوە. کەواتە با راستەخۆ بچینە سەر ناوەڕۆکی ئەم یادداشتە؛ ئەم بارودۆخەی ئێستای ھەرێمی کوردستان چیمان پێدەڵێت‌و لەگەڵ سونەتی سڕینەوەی چ جیاوزیەکی هەیە؟

ئەم یادداشتە هان دەدات تاکوو ئاماژە بە درز‌و بۆشایەکی نوێ لە نێو ئەرگۆمێنتەکانی کۆمەڵگای کوردی بکات کە ماویەکی زۆرە کۆمەڵگای نوێی کوردی ئەم بۆشایی‌و درزەی سازکردووە، بەڵام کەمتر هەستی پێکراوە.

دەست خستنە سەر یەکیەتیش بەم هۆیەیە کەم هەم پێشەنگە، واتا بە هۆی پێشەنگ‌بوونی یەکیەتیشەوەیە کە هەوەڵ هێزی کوردستانیشە کە رووبەڕووی ئاستەنگاکان دەبێتەوە، هەم دڵێکی فراوانتری لە لایە، باقی لایەنەکان دەست کە هیچ، لێشیان نزیک بیتەوە، وەک کەڵەشێری لاری لێت راست دەبنەوە!

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چۆنیەتی قووڵایی ستراتیژیک لە نێوان کورد-ئێراندا
تکایە ورد بیخوێنەرەوە، دڵنیام دەت ھەژێنێت

ئەم یادداشتە ھان دەدات وڵامی پرسیارێکی ریشەیی بداتەوە کە رەنگە گەر وڵامی ئەو پرسیارە پەیدا نەکەین ئاوا کورد ئاڵۆزیەکی مێژوویی دیکەی بەسەردا بێت؛ بە نیسبەت کوردەوە وڵاتی ئێران چ وڵاتێکە؟ با پرسیارەکە بەم جۆرە بپرسم بۆچی لە 50 ساڵی رابردوودا سەرەڕای کێشەی کوردی ئێران، وڵاتی ئێران پشتیوانی کوردی ھەر 3 پارچەکەی دیکە بووەو بە عەکسیشەوە کوردیش پشتی ئێرانی گرتووە؟ بۆچی ھەرگیز زل ھێزێک بە ناوی تورکیا بۆ چرکە ساتێکیش بووە پشتی کوردی ئێران کە ناکۆکە لەگەڵ دوژمنە مێژوویەکەی، نەیگرتووە‌و بەعکسیشەوە لە پرسێکدا بە ناوی کورد ھانی داوە ھاوکاری تەواوی ئێران بکات؟

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Interview with Ahmad Amani By Simone Da Costa

Ahmad Amani

 Author, Journalist, Writer

 Ahmad is from the Middle East, the world of 'to be or not to be,' where the third way, democracy, isn't for mankind—at least for now it isn't.
He is a graduate of the Art University in Tehran. He have worked for many newspapers in Iran.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

بۆشایی، پواز، تاوان؛ بێگانە
ئەحمەد ئەمانی
Göbekli Tepe, is an archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey

ئەمە وێنەی “گوبەکلی تەپە”یە لە کوردستانی تورکیا، مێژووی بۆ ١٠ھەزار ساڵ پێش دەگەڕێتەوە. رەنگە یه‌که‌مین پەرستگای دەستکردی مرۆڤ بێت، گابەردی تێدایە کێشی دەگاتە ٢٠ تۆن!

بڕوانە چۆن ھاوشێوەی کونەمێروله‌ سازیان کردوە، واتا ئەم بینایە ئاشکرا ھاوار دەکات؛ “دەتەوێت لە ناخم چێژ بەری؟ وا بە ئاسانی نیە، دەبێت ببیتە ناسراوی شاراوەی دەروونم!”

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Math City is a completely original story...

Math City  was reviewed by V.Cano: This was a completely original story that had surprised pretty much on every page. Although it might not be for everyone, people who like quirky books will enjoy it. 

All the characters in this book were numbers. The smaller the number the less important the character was, and vice versa. I thought this was a clever way of showing us who was who. Although we don't really get to know the characters too much, we still get to know the Lying Line and a few others. 

You can read on the post, Please continue the reading: