Friday, March 10, 2017

Zizek and Nanjo monster

Today, I and Dania (my daughter) watched "Friends Naki on the Monster Island" by Takashi Yamazaki.

A child named Kotake wanders onto an island called Monster Island by the locals and meets up with a red ogre named Naki.

There is two cute monsters in this great animation, Nanjo & Naki. Human (Yes Us) is afraid of the monsters. But the Japanese child go to the island, and he became friends with both monsters, but Kotake have to come back his home, next Naki monster miss and want to see his friend (Kotake).

As always, humans are afraid, so that Naki could not go to their Village! Nanjo has a secret plan, he make decision to be an ugly monster and kill all of human, but Naki don't let him to do this. People be surprised and see Naki is fighting with Nanjo (his best friend) for them, and when Nanjo lose the fight, all of people would be happy that Naki saved them, so Naki could be friends with locals and could be able to see his friend (Kotake).

ZIzek, at last article, speak about lifts, and show us, all of us are same frightened people who need to again be afraid by a worse monster for that we could be able to make a change in our mind.

Now, we know about our fear (by Zizek's help), so why do we need fear for making change, or why don't we able to change our view without fear?

Link of Zizek's great article:

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