Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I think this is an absolutely creative book/Ann Fields/Author

"My assumption after reading the book trailer and author bio is that I would be reading a book about numbers personified and representing life (or rather conflict) in the Middle East. I did get numbers with human characteristics and a story line that provided great insight into the human condition/character and cultures in conflict.

At first I read the story, supplanting the Middle East as the characters/conflict but soon realized this could have been any number of countries or areas in conflict--North/South Korea, Israel/Palestine, America Democrats/Republicans, Egypt/Egypt, etc.--which makes this a universal story; a story of the human struggle for justice, equality, and just the basic right to live free and happy.

Math City is another book which proves we are all the same regardless of where we live. This is also the age-old story of the dangers inherent in absolute power. Although it is a short read, it took a while to reach the end because of all the thoughts and ideas the story generates as one is reading.

I think this is an absolutely creative book and I am looking forward to reading the sequel." Reviewed By Ann Fields/Author of Fuller's Curse

Math City in Kindle format, a book from the Middle East:


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