Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We and the last rhino

When I look at the Pic of the last male northern white rhino, I see human fate more than a fate of an animal. In fact, this is our fate under armed guard 24/7, who has made the situation and now they want to save us.

Eugène Ionesco in Rhinoceros play (written in 1959) show us how people turn into rhinoceroses, but in our time we could see how animals turn into human.

Think about the stupid phrase: in the end of world, all of things have changed into humanitarian issues. Oh yes other mean of this phrase is that; you (lions, rhinos, stars and so on and so on) have to face extinction, because we want to countuinue our generation.

There is no way, you must change into a human issue, in fact you have to turn into human...

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